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Newest Folk Albums & Song Releases

Mark-Almond (Reissue) by Mark-Almond



Play & Info Play Mark-Almond (Reissue) Information about Mark-Almond (Reissue)

Varese Sarabande

Released 11/24/14

Trusting In The Rising Light by Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson

Trusting In
The Rising Light

Play & Info Play Trusting In The Rising Light Information about Trusting In The Rising Light


Released 11/24/14

The Wexford Carols by Caitr*iacute*ona O'Leary

Caitríona O'Leary

The Wexford Carols

Play & Info Play The Wexford Carols Information about The Wexford Carols


Released 11/17/14

California by George Miguel

George Miguel


Play & Info Play California Information about California


Released 11/17/14

Family by Thompson



Play & Info Play Family Information about Family


Released 11/17/14

Infinity by Shawn Phillips

Shawn Phillips


Play & Info Play Infinity Information about Infinity

Varese Sarabande

Released 11/11/14

Allergic To Water by Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco

Allergic To Water

Play & Info Play Allergic To Water Information about Allergic To Water

Righteous Babe

Released 11/4/14

Volumes I & II by Streets Of Laredo

Streets Of Laredo

Volumes I & II

Play & Info Play Volumes I & II Information about Volumes I & II

Dine Alone Music

Released 11/4/14

Rumours of Glory by Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn

Rumours of Glory

Play & Info Play Rumours of Glory Information about Rumours of Glory

True North

Released 10/27/14

The Hello Strangers by The Hello Strangers

The Hello Strangers

The Hello Strangers

Play & Info Play The Hello Strangers Information about The Hello Strangers


Released 10/21/14

Indian Ocean by Frazey Ford

Frazey Ford

Indian Ocean

Play & Info Play Indian Ocean Information about Indian Ocean


Released 10/14/14

Set Me Free by Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp

Set Me Free

Play & Info Play Set Me Free Information about Set Me Free

Righteous Babe

Released 10/14/14

Going Down To The River by Doug Seegers

Doug Seegers

Going Down To The River

Play & Info Play Going Down To The River Information about Going Down To The River


Released 10/7/14

Blue Roses by Rachael Sage

Rachael Sage

Blue Roses

Play & Info Play Blue Roses Information about Blue Roses


Released 10/7/14

Songs Of The Spanish Civil War Volumes 1 & 2 by Various Artists

Various Artists

Songs Of The Spanish Civil War 1 & 2

Play & Info Play Songs Of The Spanish Civil War Volumes 1 & 2 Information about Songs Of The Spanish Civil War Volumes 1 & 2

Smithsonian Folkways

Released 10/7/14

Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone by Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams

Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone

Play & Info Play Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone Information about Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone

Highway 20

Released 9/30/14

Link Of Chain: A Songwriters Tribute To Chris Smither by Various Artists

Various Artists

Link Of Chain: Tribute To Chris Smither

Play & Info Play Link Of Chain: A Songwriters Tribute To Chris Smither Information about Link Of Chain: A Songwriters Tribute To Chris Smither

Signature Sounds

Released 9/30/14

Harvest Of Gold by Gossling


Harvest Of Gold

Play & Info Play Harvest Of Gold Information about Harvest Of Gold


Released 9/23/14

Stay Lost by White Violet

White Violet

Stay Lost

Play & Info Play Stay Lost Information about Stay Lost


Released 9/23/14

Don't Let The World See Your Love by Spencer Burton

Spencer Burton

Don't Let The World
See Your Love

Play & Info Play Don't Let The World See Your Love Information about Don't Let The World See Your Love

Dine Alone

Released 9/16/14

Strangers by David Mayfield

David Mayfield


Play & Info Play Strangers Information about Strangers


Released 9/9/14

Stealin' Home (Reissue) by Iain Matthews

Iain Matthews

Stealin' Home

Play & Info Play Stealin' Home (Reissue) Information about Stealin' Home (Reissue)


Released 9/9/14

Haven't Got The Blues (Yet) by Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III

Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)

Play & Info Play Haven't Got The Blues (Yet) Information about Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)

429 Records

Released 9/9/14

Alarms In The Heart by Dry The River

Dry The River

Alarms In The Heart

Play & Info Play Alarms In The Heart Information about Alarms In The Heart

PIAS America

Released 8/26/14

Sixty by John Cowan

John Cowan


Play & Info Play Sixty Information about Sixty


Released 8/26/14

Rocco DeLuca by Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca

Play & Info Play Rocco DeLuca Information about Rocco DeLuca

429 Records

Released 8/19/14

Any Way, Shape Or Form by Ben Miller Band

Ben Miller Band

Any Way, Shape
Or Form

Play & Info Play Any Way, Shape Or Form Information about Any Way, Shape Or Form

New West

Released 8/5/14

Departures by The Once

The Once


Play & Info Play Departures Information about Departures


Released 8/5/14

Passing Through by Grace Griffith

Grace Griffith

Passing Through

Play & Info Play Passing Through Information about Passing Through

Blix Street

Released 7/22/14

Baby Please Don't Go (Reissue) by Big Joe Williams

Big Joe Williams

Baby Please Don't Go

Play & Info Play Baby Please Don't Go (Reissue) Information about Baby Please Don't Go (Reissue)


Released 7/15/14

Surrounded by Buffy & Larry

Buffy & Larry


Play & Info Play Surrounded Information about Surrounded

~ Unsigned ~

Released 7/15/14

Love Bug by Raffi


Love Bug

Play & Info Play Love Bug Information about Love Bug


Released 7/15/14

Central Reservation: Expanded Edition by Beth Orton

Beth Orton

Central Reservation: Expanded Edition

Play & Info Play Central Reservation: Expanded Edition Information about Central Reservation: Expanded Edition

3 Loop Music

Released 7/8/14

Deep River by Jon Allen

Jon Allen

Deep River

Play & Info Play Deep River Information about Deep River

OK! Good

Released 7/8/14

Dharma Blues by Peter Rowan

Peter Rowan

Dharma Blues

Play & Info Play Dharma Blues Information about Dharma Blues


Released 7/8/14

Remedy by Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow
Medicine Show


Play & Info Play Remedy Information about Remedy


Released 7/1/14

A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD) by Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie

A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD)

Play & Info Play A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD) Information about A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD)

True North

Released 6/24/14

Beyond The Blue by The Duhks

The Duhks

Beyond The Blue

Play & Info Play Beyond The Blue Information about Beyond The Blue


Released 6/24/14

In The Now by Iain Matthews & Egbert Der*iacute*x

Iain Matthews &
Egbert Deríx

In The Now

Play & Info Play In The Now Information about In The Now


Released 6/17/14

Joy Mining by Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet

Iain Matthews &
Searing Quartet

Joy Mining

Play & Info Play Joy Mining Information about Joy Mining


Released 6/17/14

Partly Fiction by Harry Dean Stanton

Harry Dean Stanton

Partly Fiction

Play & Info Play Partly Fiction Information about Partly Fiction


Released 6/3/14

World Of Strangers by Zoe Muth

Zoe Muth

World Of Strangers

Play & Info Play World Of Strangers Information about World Of Strangers

Signature Sounds

Released 5/27/14

Through The Woods by Okee Dokee Brothers

Okee Dokee Brothers

Through The Woods

Play & Info Play Through The Woods Information about Through The Woods

Okee Dokee Music

Released 5/19/14

Live In Monterey by Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk

Live In Monterey

Play & Info Play Live In Monterey Information about Live In Monterey


Released 5/13/14

Blood Test by Kris Delmhorst

Kris Delmhorst

Blood Test

Play & Info Play Blood Test Information about Blood Test

Signature Sounds

Released 5/13/14

Childhood Home by Ben & Ellen Harper

Ben & Ellen Harper

Childhood Home

Play & Info Play Childhood Home Information about Childhood Home

Prestige Folklife

Released 5/6/14

All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs & Voice Of Gregg Allman by Gregg Allman & Friends

Gregg Allman & Friends

All My Friends

Play & Info Play All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs & Voice Of Gregg Allman Information about All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs & Voice Of Gregg Allman


Released 5/6/14

Head & Heart by Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom

Head & Heart

Play & Info Play Head & Heart Information about Head & Heart


Released 5/6/14

The Last Laugh by Asylum Street Spankers

Asylum Street Spankers

The Last Laugh

Play & Info Play The Last Laugh Information about The Last Laugh

Yellow Dog

Released 4/29/14

Home by Hafdis Huld

Hafdis Huld


Play & Info Play Home Information about Home

OK! Good

Released 4/29/14

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