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Newest Hard Rock Albums & Song Releases

Eternal Enemies by Emmure


Eternal Enemies

Play & Info Play Eternal Enemies Information about Eternal Enemies


Released 4/15/14

Esoteric Symbolism by Teramaze


Esoteric Symbolism

Play & Info Play Esoteric Symbolism Information about Esoteric Symbolism


Released 4/15/14

Melana Chasmata by Triptykon


Melana Chasmata

Play & Info Play Melana Chasmata Information about Melana Chasmata

Century Media

Released 4/15/14

Into The Maelstrom by Bigelf


Into The Maelstrom

Play & Info Play Into The Maelstrom Information about Into The Maelstrom

Inside Out

Released 4/1/14

Broken Crown Halo by Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil

Broken Crown Halo

Play & Info Play Broken Crown Halo Information about Broken Crown Halo

Century Media

Released 4/1/14

Escape From The Shadow Garden by Magnum


Escape From The Shadow Garden

Play & Info Play Escape From The Shadow Garden Information about Escape From The Shadow Garden

Steamhammer / SPV

Released 4/1/14

Napalm Nights by Nocturnal Breed

Nocturnal Breed

Napalm Nights

Play & Info Play Napalm Nights Information about Napalm Nights


Released 4/1/14

The Mother Of Virtues by Pyrrhon


The Mother Of Virtues

Play & Info Play The Mother Of Virtues Information about The Mother Of Virtues


Released 4/1/14

This Is Your Life by Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio

This Is Your Life

Play & Info Play This Is Your Life Information about This Is Your Life


Released 4/1/14

Far Beyond Driven: 20th Anniversary Edition by Pantera


Far Beyond Driven:
20th Anniv. Edition

Play & Info Play Far Beyond Driven: 20th Anniversary Edition Information about Far Beyond Driven: 20th Anniversary Edition

New Rhino Atlantic

Released 3/25/14

Going To Hell by The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless

Going To Hell

Play & Info Play Going To Hell Information about Going To Hell

Razor & Tie

Released 3/18/14

Immortal Legacy by Hirax


Immortal Legacy

Play & Info Play Immortal Legacy Information about Immortal Legacy

Steamhammer / SPV

Released 3/4/14

Memento by Ready,Set,Fall



Play & Info Play Memento Information about Memento


Released 3/4/14

I*aacute*n-B*uacute* (DVD) by Chthonic


Ián-Bú (DVD)

Play & Info Play I*aacute*n-B*uacute* (DVD) Information about I*aacute*n-B*uacute* (DVD)

Eagle Rock

Released 2/25/14

Men Of Honor by Adrenaline Mob

Adrenaline Mob

Men Of Honor

Play & Info Play Men Of Honor Information about Men Of Honor

Century Media

Released 2/18/14

Vol. 5: Lost At Home by More Than A Thousand

More Than A Thousand

Vol. 5: Lost At Home

Play & Info Play Vol. 5: Lost At Home Information about Vol. 5: Lost At Home

eOne Music

Released 2/18/14

Ending Is the Beginning - The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show by Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence

Ending Is the Beginning - The Mitch Lucker Show

Play & Info Play Ending Is the Beginning - The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show Information about Ending Is the Beginning - The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show

Century Media

Released 2/18/14

Slang (Deluxe Edition) by Def Leppard

Def Leppard

(Deluxe Edition)

Play & Info Play Slang (Deluxe Edition) Information about Slang (Deluxe Edition)

Bludgeon Riffola / Mailboat

Released 2/11/14

Black Utopia (Reissue) by Derek Sherinian

Derek Sherinian

Black Utopia

Play & Info Play Black Utopia (Reissue) Information about Black Utopia (Reissue)

Eagle Rock

Released 2/11/14

Blood (Special Edition) by In This Moment

In This Moment

(Special Edition)

Play & Info Play Blood (Special Edition) Information about Blood (Special Edition)

Century Media

Released 1/21/14

From All Purity by Indian


From All Purity

Play & Info Play From All Purity Information about From All Purity


Released 1/21/14

Up The Dosage by Nashville Pussy

Nashville Pussy

Up The Dosage

Play & Info Play Up The Dosage Information about Up The Dosage

Steamhammer / SPV

Released 1/21/14

The Final Revolution by Pro-Pain


The Final Revolution

Play & Info Play The Final Revolution Information about The Final Revolution

Steamhammer / SPV

Released 1/21/14

MTV Unplugged by Scorpions


MTV Unplugged

Play & Info Play MTV Unplugged Information about MTV Unplugged

Sony Music

Released 1/21/14

Intolerance by Throwdown



Play & Info Play Intolerance Information about Intolerance

eOne Music

Released 1/21/14

Post Mortem Nihil Est by Dagoba


Post Mortem Nihil Est

Play & Info Play Post Mortem Nihil Est Information about Post Mortem Nihil Est

eOne Music

Released 11/5/13

Live In Luna Park (DVD/Blu-ray) by Dream Theater

Dream Theater

Live In Luna Park (DVD/Blu-ray)

Play & Info Play Live In Luna Park (DVD/Blu-ray) Information about Live In Luna Park (DVD/Blu-ray)

Eagle Rock

Released 11/5/13

Death Will Reign by Impending Doom

Impending Doom

Death Will Reign

Play & Info Play Death Will Reign Information about Death Will Reign

eOne Music

Released 11/5/13

The Best Of Buckcherry by Buckcherry


The Best Of Buckcherry

Play & Info Play The Best Of Buckcherry Information about The Best Of Buckcherry

Eleven Seven Music

Released 10/29/13

Revolution Rise by Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill

Revolution Rise

Play & Info Play Revolution Rise Information about Revolution Rise

Century Media

Released 10/29/13

Another Life by Emphatic


Another Life

Play & Info Play Another Life Information about Another Life

Epochal Artists

Released 10/22/13

Star X Speed Story by Jacky Vincent

Jacky Vincent

Star X Speed Story

Play & Info Play Star X Speed Story Information about Star X Speed Story


Released 10/22/13

Exi(s)t by Reflections



Play & Info Play Exi(s)t Information about Exi(s)t

eOne Music

Released 10/22/13

Entitled by Richie Ramone

Richie Ramone


Play & Info Play Entitled Information about Entitled


Released 10/22/13

Scratch And Scream by Trauma


Scratch And Scream

Play & Info Play Scratch And Scream Information about Scratch And Scream


Released 10/22/13

Perfect Strangers Live (CD/DVD) by Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Perfect Strangers Live

Play & Info Play Perfect Strangers Live (CD/DVD) Information about Perfect Strangers Live (CD/DVD)

Eagle Rock

Released 10/15/13

Last Patrol by Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet

Last Patrol

Play & Info Play Last Patrol Information about Last Patrol


Released 10/15/13

Whales And Leeches by Red Fang

Red Fang

Whales And Leeches

Play & Info Play Whales And Leeches Information about Whales And Leeches


Released 10/15/13

Wasting Time by Six Minute Century

Six Minute Century

Wasting Time

Play & Info Play Wasting Time Information about Wasting Time


Released 10/15/13

War Chant by Thunder Tribe

Thunder Tribe

War Chant

Play & Info Play War Chant Information about War Chant


Released 10/15/13

New Horizon by The Answer

The Answer

New Horizon

Play & Info Play New Horizon Information about New Horizon


Released 10/8/13

Unvarnished by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Play & Info Play Unvarnished Information about Unvarnished


Released 9/30/13

Vapor Trails (Remixed) by Rush


Vapor Trails

Play & Info Play Vapor Trails (Remixed) Information about Vapor Trails (Remixed)

Atlantic / Anthem

Released 9/30/13

Chemicals by Smile Empty Soul

Smile Empty Soul


Play & Info Play Chemicals Information about Chemicals


Released 9/30/13

Unblackened by Black Label Society

Black Label Society


Play & Info Play Unblackened Information about Unblackened

eOne Music

Released 9/24/13

Unblackened (Blu-ray) by Black Label Society

Black Label Society


Play & Info Play Unblackened (Blu-ray) Information about Unblackened (Blu-ray)

Eagle Rock

Released 9/24/13

Unblackened (DVD/Blu-ray) by Black Label Society

Black Label Society


Play & Info Play Unblackened (DVD/Blu-ray) Information about Unblackened (DVD/Blu-ray)

Eagle Rock

Released 9/24/13

37 Channels by Tantric


37 Channels

Play & Info Play 37 Channels Information about 37 Channels


Released 9/17/13

The Evil Inside by Breed 77

Breed 77

The Evil Inside

Play & Info Play The Evil Inside Information about The Evil Inside

Frostbyte Media

Released 9/10/13

Dario Lorina by Dario Lorina

Dario Lorina

Dario Lorina

Play & Info Play Dario Lorina Information about Dario Lorina


Released 9/10/13

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