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Newest Hardcore Albums & Song Releases

I Am King by Code Orange

Code Orange

I Am King

Play & Info Play I Am King Information about I Am King

Deathwish Inc.

Released 9/2/14

The Awful Truth by Meridian


The Awful Truth

Play & Info Play The Awful Truth Information about The Awful Truth


Released 9/2/14

Evolution by (Hed)p.e.



Play & Info Play Evolution Information about Evolution


Released 7/22/14

Devil by Chiodos



Play & Info Play Devil Information about Devil

Razor & Tie

Released 4/1/14

Die Knowing by Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid

Die Knowing

Play & Info Play Die Knowing Information about Die Knowing


Released 3/4/14

The Final Revolution by Pro-Pain


The Final Revolution

Play & Info Play The Final Revolution Information about The Final Revolution

Steamhammer / SPV

Released 1/21/14

Intolerance by Throwdown



Play & Info Play Intolerance Information about Intolerance

eOne Music

Released 1/21/14

Try Me by Self Defense Family

Self Defense Family

Try Me

Play & Info Play Try Me Information about Try Me

Deathwish, Inc.

Released 1/7/14

Grand Blood by Doomriders


Grand Blood

Play & Info Play Grand Blood Information about Grand Blood

Deathwish, Inc.

Released 10/15/13

Is Survived By by Touche Amore

Touche Amore

Is Survived By

Play & Info Play Is Survived By Information about Is Survived By

Deathwish, Inc.

Released 9/24/13

Fever Hunting by Modern Life Is War

Modern Life Is War

Fever Hunting

Play & Info Play Fever Hunting Information about Fever Hunting

Deathwish Inc.

Released 9/3/13

Eros|Anteros by Oathbreaker



Play & Info Play Eros|Anteros Information about Eros|Anteros

Deathwish Inc.

Released 8/20/13

The Difference Between Hell And Home by Counterparts


The Difference Between Hell And Home

Play & Info Play The Difference Between Hell And Home Information about The Difference Between Hell And Home


Released 7/23/13

The Blackest Beautiful by letlive.


The Blackest Beautiful

Play & Info Play The Blackest Beautiful Information about The Blackest Beautiful


Released 7/9/13

Departure by Ocellus



Play & Info Play Departure Information about Departure


Released 5/14/13

Kiss Me Sleeping by Apparitions


Kiss Me Sleeping

Play & Info Play Kiss Me Sleeping Information about Kiss Me Sleeping


Released 4/9/13

Live By The Code by Terror


Live By The Code

Play & Info Play Live By The Code Information about Live By The Code


Released 4/9/13

Dragged Down A Dead End Path by Call Of The Void

Call Of The Void

Dragged Down A Dead End Path

Play & Info Play Dragged Down A Dead End Path Information about Dragged Down A Dead End Path


Released 3/19/13

Violence by Tear Out The Heart

Tear Out The Heart


Play & Info Play Violence Information about Violence


Released 3/19/13

Conduit by Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend


Play & Info Play Conduit Information about Conduit

The End

Released 2/5/13

Unholy Anger by Those Who Fear

Those Who Fear

Unholy Anger

Play & Info Play Unholy Anger Information about Unholy Anger


Released 2/5/13

Idle Hands by Continents


Idle Hands

Play & Info Play Idle Hands Information about Idle Hands


Released 1/22/13

Victus by Fall City Fall

Fall City Fall


Play & Info Play Victus Information about Victus


Released 1/22/13

Red Horse by Early Graves

Early Graves

Red Horse

Play & Info Play Red Horse Information about Red Horse

No Sleep

Released 10/30/12

Nematocera by Defiler



Play & Info Play Nematocera Information about Nematocera

Razor & Tie

Released 10/9/12

119 by Trash Talk

Trash Talk


Play & Info Play 119 Information about 119

Odd Future

Released 10/9/12

Resistance by The Casualties

The Casualties


Play & Info Play Resistance Information about Resistance

Season Of Mist

Released 9/25/12

Straight To The Dome by Pro-Pain


Straight To The Dome

Play & Info Play Straight To The Dome Information about Straight To The Dome


Released 9/25/12

Mechanical Weather by A Tragedy In Progress

A Tragedy In Progress

Mechanical Weather

Play & Info Play Mechanical Weather Information about Mechanical Weather


Released 8/28/12

Misadventures by Such Gold

Such Gold


Play & Info Play Misadventures Information about Misadventures

Razor & Tie

Released 8/14/12

Symbiosis by A Bullet For Pretty Boy

A Bullet For Pretty Boy


Play & Info Play Symbiosis Information about Symbiosis


Released 7/31/12

Momentum by Close To Home

Close To Home


Play & Info Play Momentum Information about Momentum


Released 7/31/12

Slave To The Game by Emmure


Slave To The Game

Play & Info Play Slave To The Game Information about Slave To The Game


Released 4/10/12

The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging by A Plea For Purging

A Plea For Purging

The Life & Death Of
A Plea For Purging

Play & Info Play The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging Information about The Life & Death Of A Plea For Purging


Released 11/8/11

Some Kind Of Hate by Aiden


Some Kind Of Hate

Play & Info Play Some Kind Of Hate Information about Some Kind Of Hate


Released 10/25/11

Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts by Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

Empty Hands
And Heavy Hearts

Play & Info Play Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts Information about Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts


Released 10/25/11

The Current Will Carry Us by Counterparts


The Current Will Carry Us

Play & Info Play The Current Will Carry Us Information about The Current Will Carry Us


Released 10/25/11

Conversation Piece by A Lot Like Birds

A Lot Like Birds

Conversation Piece

Play & Info Play Conversation Piece Information about Conversation Piece


Released 10/11/11

Dwarves Are Born Again (Deluxe Edition) by Dwarves


Dwarves Are Born Again (Deluxe Edition)

Play & Info Play Dwarves Are Born Again (Deluxe Edition) Information about Dwarves Are Born Again (Deluxe Edition)

MVD Audio

Released 5/17/11

My Life My Way by Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front

My Life My Way

Play & Info Play My Life My Way Information about My Life My Way

Nuclear Blast

Released 3/22/11

Digital Veil by The Human Abstract

The Human Abstract

Digital Veil

Play & Info Play Digital Veil Information about Digital Veil

eOne Music

Released 3/8/11

The Human Romance by Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

The Human Romance

Play & Info Play The Human Romance Information about The Human Romance

eOne Music

Released 2/22/11

See How You Are by The Warriors

The Warriors

See How You Are

Play & Info Play See How You Are Information about See How You Are


Released 2/15/11

The Here And Now by Architects (UK)

Architects (UK)

The Here And Now

Play & Info Play The Here And Now Information about The Here And Now

Century Media

Released 1/25/11

Lucky Me by Killing The Dream

Killing The Dream

Lucky Me

Play & Info Play Lucky Me Information about Lucky Me

Deathwish Inc.

Released 11/23/10

Mercy by Sweet Cobra

Sweet Cobra


Play & Info Play Mercy Information about Mercy

Black Market Activities

Released 9/28/10

The Autumn Offering by The Autumn Offering

The Autumn Offering

The Autumn Offering

Play & Info Play The Autumn Offering Information about The Autumn Offering


Released 8/31/10

Symptoms + Cures by Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid

Symptoms + Cures

Play & Info Play Symptoms + Cures Information about Symptoms + Cures


Released 8/31/10

Breaker by For Today

For Today


Play & Info Play Breaker Information about Breaker


Released 8/31/10

Into The Killing Fields by All Out War

All Out War

Into The Killing Fields

Play & Info Play Into The Killing Fields Information about Into The Killing Fields


Released 8/3/10

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