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Rocco DeLuca by Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca

Play & Info Play Rocco DeLuca Information about Rocco DeLuca

429 Records

Released 8/19/14

Don't Disconnect by Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe

Don't Disconnect

Play & Info Play Don't Disconnect Information about Don't Disconnect


Released 8/19/14

Diamond From Coal by My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery

Diamond From Coal

Play & Info Play Diamond From Coal Information about Diamond From Coal


Released 8/12/14

The Voyager by Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis

The Voyager

Play & Info Play The Voyager Information about The Voyager

Warner Bros.

Released 7/29/14

Hard Believer by Fink


Hard Believer

Play & Info Play Hard Believer Information about Hard Believer

Ninja Tune

Released 7/15/14

Terms Of My Surrender by John Hiatt

John Hiatt

Terms Of My Surrender

Play & Info Play Terms Of My Surrender Information about Terms Of My Surrender

New West

Released 7/15/14

Central Reservation: Expanded Edition by Beth Orton

Beth Orton

Central Reservation: Expanded Edition

Play & Info Play Central Reservation: Expanded Edition Information about Central Reservation: Expanded Edition

3 Loop Music

Released 7/8/14

Deep River by Jon Allen

Jon Allen

Deep River

Play & Info Play Deep River Information about Deep River

OK! Good

Released 7/8/14

Sketches In Spain by Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

Sketches In Spain

Play & Info Play Sketches In Spain Information about Sketches In Spain


Released 7/1/14

A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD) by Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie

A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD)

Play & Info Play A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD) Information about A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD)

True North

Released 6/24/14

Mutineers by David Gray

David Gray


Play & Info Play Mutineers Information about Mutineers


Released 6/17/14

In The Now by Iain Matthews & Egbert Der*iacute*x

Iain Matthews &
Egbert Deríx

In The Now

Play & Info Play In The Now Information about In The Now


Released 6/17/14

Joy Mining by Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet

Iain Matthews &
Searing Quartet

Joy Mining

Play & Info Play Joy Mining Information about Joy Mining


Released 6/17/14

Laurel Street EP by John Thayer

John Thayer

Laurel Street EP

Play & Info Play Laurel Street EP Information about Laurel Street EP


Released 6/17/14

Popular by Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson


Play & Info Play Popular Information about Popular

Cloverdale Music

Released 6/10/14

The Ceaseless Sight by Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson

The Ceaseless Sight

Play & Info Play The Ceaseless Sight Information about The Ceaseless Sight

The End / Circle Sound

Released 6/3/14

Runaway's Diary by Amy LaVere

Amy LaVere

Runaway's Diary

Play & Info Play Runaway's Diary Information about Runaway's Diary


Released 5/27/14

Songs by John Fullbright

John Fullbright


Play & Info Play Songs Information about Songs

Blue Dirt

Released 5/27/14

Hell Of A Spell (Reissue) by Doug Sahm

Doug Sahm

Hell Of A Spell

Play & Info Play Hell Of A Spell (Reissue) Information about Hell Of A Spell (Reissue)


Released 5/19/14

Through The Woods by Okee Dokee Brothers

Okee Dokee Brothers

Through The Woods

Play & Info Play Through The Woods Information about Through The Woods

Okee Dokee Music

Released 5/19/14

Live In Monterey by Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk

Live In Monterey

Play & Info Play Live In Monterey Information about Live In Monterey


Released 5/13/14

Blood Test by Kris Delmhorst

Kris Delmhorst

Blood Test

Play & Info Play Blood Test Information about Blood Test

Signature Sounds

Released 5/13/14

Unrepentant Geraldines by Tori Amos

Tori Amos

Unrepentant Geraldines

Play & Info Play Unrepentant Geraldines Information about Unrepentant Geraldines

Mercury Classics

Released 5/13/14

Childhood Home by Ben & Ellen Harper

Ben & Ellen Harper

Childhood Home

Play & Info Play Childhood Home Information about Childhood Home

Prestige Folklife

Released 5/6/14

Elements by Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis


Play & Info Play Elements Information about Elements

One Haven

Released 5/6/14

Head & Heart by Luka Bloom

Luka Bloom

Head & Heart

Play & Info Play Head & Heart Information about Head & Heart


Released 5/6/14

All Or Nothin' by Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane

All Or Nothin'

Play & Info Play All Or Nothin' Information about All Or Nothin'

New West

Released 5/6/14

Shine On by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan

Shine On

Play & Info Play Shine On Information about Shine On


Released 5/6/14

Home by Hafdis Huld

Hafdis Huld


Play & Info Play Home Information about Home

OK! Good

Released 4/29/14

Set You Free by Shane Piasecki

Shane Piasecki

Set You Free

Play & Info Play Set You Free Information about Set You Free

Landstar Entertainment

Released 4/29/14

Red Beans And Weiss by Chuck E. Weiss

Chuck E. Weiss

Red Beans And Weiss

Play & Info Play Red Beans And Weiss Information about Red Beans And Weiss


Released 4/15/14

Prairieography by Del Barber

Del Barber


Play & Info Play Prairieography Information about Prairieography

True North

Released 4/15/14

Make My Head Sing... by Jessica Lea Mayfield

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Make My Head Sing...

Play & Info Play Make My Head Sing... Information about Make My Head Sing...


Released 4/15/14

Lower Reaches by Justin Currie

Justin Currie

Lower Reaches

Play & Info Play Lower Reaches Information about Lower Reaches


Released 4/15/14

Ulysees by Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka


Play & Info Play Ulysees Information about Ulysees


Released 4/15/14

Pure Fiction by Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson

Pure Fiction

Play & Info Play Pure Fiction Information about Pure Fiction

Let's Break Records

Released 4/8/14

Walk Through Walls by Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig

Walk Through Walls

Play & Info Play Walk Through Walls Information about Walk Through Walls


Released 4/8/14

Silver Ladder by Peter Mulvey

Peter Mulvey

Silver Ladder

Play & Info Play Silver Ladder Information about Silver Ladder

Signature Sounds

Released 4/1/14

The Would-Be Plans by Jimmer


The Would-Be Plans

Play & Info Play The Would-Be Plans Information about The Would-Be Plans

Chief Injustice

Released 3/18/14

New As Dew by Ruby The RabbitFoot

Ruby The RabbitFoot

New As Dew

Play & Info Play New As Dew Information about New As Dew


Released 3/18/14

Lizzie Weber by Lizzie Weber

Lizzie Weber

Lizzie Weber

Play & Info Play Lizzie Weber Information about Lizzie Weber

~ Unsigned ~

Released 3/11/14

The Cold Of The Morning (Reissue) by Sid Selvidge

Sid Selvidge

The Cold Of The Morning (Reissue)

Play & Info Play The Cold Of The Morning (Reissue) Information about The Cold Of The Morning (Reissue)


Released 3/11/14

Love Is The Cure: The Essential Collection by Susan Toney

Susan Toney

Love Is The Cure: The Essential Collection

Play & Info Play Love Is The Cure: The Essential Collection Information about Love Is The Cure: The Essential Collection

Strange Child

Released 3/4/14

The Whistles & The Bells by The Whistles & The Bells

The Whistles & The Bells

The Whistles & The Bells

Play & Info Play The Whistles & The Bells Information about The Whistles & The Bells

Poke The Bear

Released 3/4/14

Clean Slate by Alexis Keegan

Alexis Keegan

Clean Slate

Play & Info Play Clean Slate Information about Clean Slate


Released 2/25/14

A Little Redemption by Danni Nicholls

Danni Nicholls

A Little Redemption

Play & Info Play A Little Redemption Information about A Little Redemption

Transmission / Liaison

Released 2/25/14

Quicksand by Reagan Boggs

Reagan Boggs


Play & Info Play Quicksand Information about Quicksand

Reckless Bess

Released 2/18/14

Lions by William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons


Play & Info Play Lions Information about Lions


Released 2/18/14

Small Town Heroes by Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For
The Riff Raff

Small Town Heroes

Play & Info Play Small Town Heroes Information about Small Town Heroes


Released 2/11/14

The Shape The Color The Feel by Kate Tucker And The Sons Of Sweden

Kate Tucker And The Sons Of Sweden

The Shape The Color...

Play & Info Play The Shape The Color The Feel Information about The Shape The Color The Feel

Red Valise

Released 2/11/14

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